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Anyone have any updated advice/insight to working for DaVita Dialysis? I'm in the process for applying for RN job. I see lots of negative comments. Also--what about starting pay?? I have 17 yrs... Read More

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    Good points Riburn3!

    I work for Davita and I absolutely love it! I work with awesome techs and nurses, great patients, pay is good, and I don't deal with a lot of the BS that goes on in most hospital units. I worked in a hospital unit for 2.5 years and I never liked it there. I worked my butt off and I loved my patients, but I just never felt like I fit in there. I always put in my best effort and despite getting along with everyone and getting good compliments from co-workers and patients, I just never felt good there and I knew I had to look into a different area of nursing. I decided to look into acute dialysis and I have no regrets. This is a part of nursing that I love. The training was great and we do more than just hemodialysis treatments. I work in the acute area of dialysis so I can't say much about the chronic area. If someone here gets a job offer to work in acute dialysis, I would totally recommend Davita as a place to work. I was really shocked when I read all these bad comments about Davita in this thread. That is like the complete opposite of where I work. I always get asked by the hospital RNs if we are hiring. I feel very lucky to work for such a good company and I don't regret leaving my hospital job. Davita is a nice company to work for.
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    The experience could be different for you. I would find out for myself rather than making a decision based on another's bad experience. Any job you take is going to have its issues.
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