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Anyone have any updated advice/insight to working for DaVita Dialysis? I'm in the process for applying for RN job. I see lots of negative comments. Also--what about starting pay?? I have 17 yrs exp. as an RN but no dialysis... Read More

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    Quote from DialysisTech76
    I work for Davita now as a PCT and I worked for them years ago. I have never really had any major problems. We were always staffed good. If someone calls in we all have to work harder that day but that happens everywhere. I work with wonderful nurses and techs. Some days are better than others but all the staff works hard to help out. We always have more than one nurse on the floor (unless one calls in and we can't find another). Nurses respect PCT's and PCT's respect nurses. Never had any problems with supplies or cut backs. I get paid what I was promised when I was hired with increases. Medical insurance with DaVita is good (I've had worse). Training taught me what I needed to know. All and all I am happy with DaVita. I'm sure if I had problems like others have had I wouldn't feel the same way. I am blessed to have such a great job.
    Glad to hear it.

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    I'm glad to hear at least a couple nice comments. Davita has aquired all our outpt units, and a couple inpatient units, including my inpatient unit. I had to increase my hours from 24 to 32 to qualify for short term disability. I'm not looking forward to being taught all over again to do dialysis the Davita way. The Cigna insurance appears to be an improvment over what our hospital has offered us for years. Similar coverage & 1/2 the preminums. I'm extremely unhappy that my employer decided to sell all their dialysis units. There isn't much I can do about it. A year ago mental health services were cut, pallative care closed, drug and alcohol unit closed. This year dialysis is being dumped & outsourced. RN Relatives I talk to have similar units closed or outsourced in other states.
    If a large hospital system that owns numerous hospitals felt the need to get rid of their dialysis's units, how on earth is DaVita going to make money on dialysis?
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    These boards have been really helpful. Been viewing them a lot. I just recently got accepted into DaVita's internship program.

    I was wondering if this internship is unpaid, and if I do well enough; is it likely they will hire me in? I was kinda hoping that they would and get to transfer to another DaVita if they did. Any info would be great? I also was thinking about continuing on to do a RN program and that DaVita also helps you with that.

    Has anyone else done that?
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    Davita is a fine company to work for. I was with them for 3 years in both acute and chronic and though I was short staffed at times, but over all it was great place to work.
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    I really want to work for DaVita someday I have only heard good things about them in my state but there are no DaVita units in my area and the closest is 75miles away. I am considering doing the travel I will see.
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    Remember folks to take criticism with a grain of salt. You rarely find people on internet message boards writing about how much they love where they work. Same with consumer products. You rarely see people talking about how much they love their new blender. The only things you often read are the vocal minority with a complaint.

    I think the same can be said for DaVita. My wife is an RN at DaVita and absolutely loves her job. She stepped into a career as a dialysis nurse after several years of nursing in a CVICU, and absolutely loves it. She loves having major holidays off. Loves working her three days and getting to see the same patients while developing a relationship with them over the years. She loves not cleaning up poop. She loves the slower pace (although it can be rough when techs call in). In general, she loves where she works.

    That said, in our city there are 11 Davita clinics, and some like the one she works at are fantastic with good administration, and some are absolutely terrible, with poor leadership, high turnover, and bad techs. In the medical field it's all about timing and where you work. I'm sure all of us working in a hospital that love our jobs can think of another unit in the hospital that they would never work in or send their loved ones. Or think back to their units a few years back and how rough it was, or how good it was compared to now. I'm even sure that there are some units with good day shifts and poor night shifts or vica versa. The point is, when you are applying anywhere, it's important to get a feel for the place and ask questions during your interview. DaVita takes it a step further and as a nurse you get to shadow a dialysis nurse the day you interview. If after spending a few hours observing what they do and asking questions, you still don't know how working there will be, then you aren't doing your research.
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    Good points Riburn3!

    I work for Davita and I absolutely love it! I work with awesome techs and nurses, great patients, pay is good, and I don't deal with a lot of the BS that goes on in most hospital units. I worked in a hospital unit for 2.5 years and I never liked it there. I worked my butt off and I loved my patients, but I just never felt like I fit in there. I always put in my best effort and despite getting along with everyone and getting good compliments from co-workers and patients, I just never felt good there and I knew I had to look into a different area of nursing. I decided to look into acute dialysis and I have no regrets. This is a part of nursing that I love. The training was great and we do more than just hemodialysis treatments. I work in the acute area of dialysis so I can't say much about the chronic area. If someone here gets a job offer to work in acute dialysis, I would totally recommend Davita as a place to work. I was really shocked when I read all these bad comments about Davita in this thread. That is like the complete opposite of where I work. I always get asked by the hospital RNs if we are hiring. I feel very lucky to work for such a good company and I don't regret leaving my hospital job. Davita is a nice company to work for.
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    The experience could be different for you. I would find out for myself rather than making a decision based on another's bad experience. Any job you take is going to have its issues.
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