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I'm a recent LPN grad and haven't taken my boards yet(Im still waiting to be cleared for a test day). I have an interview with Davita on Friday and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me anything I can expect during the process.... Read More

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    That's great to hear...my unit has 16 chairs as well! Again good luck!!
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    Congrats on the interview! I hope it went well. Here's the thing...LPN's have different roles depending on the state in which you work. For example an LPN/LVN in california can not access CVC's. So to work as a nurse with davita only holding your LPN and not being able to access cvc's is useless to davita...in california. Majority of the LPN/LVN's that work for Davita in California are PCT's and stay PCT's in the dialysis world. Now other states have different rules. As for your interview they know that you don't have any experience so majority of the time it's an interview to see what kind of person you are. Will you mesh well with the clinic's environment. Not every clinic is the same so you may mesh well in one clinic but not in another. The dynamics can be drasitically different. In general you want to do some research on the company on their website. Don't ever just mention the mission statement...and that's for any company. They just know now that you went to the website. You want to mention you know that Davita is a large company with clinics throughout the country and you believe you'll be able to grow with the company no matter where ever that may be. For example you may decided to relocate some day and you know that Davita will probably have a clinic near where ever you decide to go. No company wants to put money into training someone that they can't utilize for many years. Hopefully some of these tips can help you out.
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    Just wanted to let you guys know I got the job and started last week. Right now I'm getting to know the machine and doing bookwork so not much excitement going on. Thank you for all the tips!
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    Congratulations and don't get discouraged if u feel u aren't catching on or going as fast as others... Y will learn at ur own pace and it really takes a year to be totally comfortable in dialysis
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    Congrats. It's a long 9 weeks of training, you won't be comfortable for at least year ( im on month 4) and I still get stomach aches on my way to work.
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    This was a very informative thread as I too am a recent LPN graduate and I start my first job in Monday with DaVita. I'm super nervous & anxious. I really hope I love this job because it seems like a really great place to work!
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    What interview questions did they ask you? I know this is a few years out but i have a phone interview with DaVita ( Philadelphia) tomorrow ( on my birthday yikes). I already looked through their core values and wrote a bunch of thoughts down, also have a few questions prepared to ask them.
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    I had a phone interview a few days ago and am waiting for a call for an in person interview at a local site. I was asked questions about my background, what I knew about Davita, how I worked with others, my goals etc.
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    Samlew23, how did the phone interview go? I have one scheduled for tomorrow and was curious as to what is talked about. Could you provide any info? Thanks in advance.