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  1. hi guys i just got an offer which i accepted as an acute dialysis RN at davita. my training starts in 3 weeks. i got the email, it states that i have to do the drug test, background checks, etc. and the main thing that i am concerned about is that i have to take a standardized math test which i have to get 90% correct. can someone please give me an insight about this topic? like examples of these standardized math test questions?
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  3. by   CheesePotato
    The last one I took was riddled with basic addition, subtraction, and algebra garnished with a side of drip rate calculation and drug conversion calculation.

    Nothing too terribly scary. Just take your time with it and double check your work.

    As a side note, when I read "Davita", Iron Butterfly's song "In the Garden of Eden" immediately began to play in my head as, for the longest time, my brother would belt out the lyrics as "And I gotta Davita, baby!" as opposed to the proper, "In the Garden of Eden, baby".

    Don't ask my why I just shared that.

    I just...I don't even...


  4. by   perfectnurse11
    i see. haha garden of eden eh? im all good with those math topics although there is one subject that scares me about that, its the algebra :c may i get a few algebra questions that you have encountered? i hate those 3x=1/2 math stuff. coz if those are included im gna go crazy!
  5. by   beeker
    There is a dialysis forum, under specialties. You might have more luck there.

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