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Our company is being bought by davita. What can we expect? Will they keep all ccht's, lpn's, reuse, and RN's?... Read More

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    All points of views welcomed! We are small 3 day unit. Is holiday pay time and a half?
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    Holiday pay if worked is time and a half, no holiday pay if you do not work it.

    Hope this helps
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    I have been with the company for 2 years, with 14 experience. I hate it. I was not sure if it was the manager or the company, but after reading these comments i think it is a little of both. I got the worse raise ever last year, 0.14 cents. I am looking for new job asap.
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    I have worked for the company only for a short while. I am coming from a hospital environment. My opinion is all companies (profit or non for profit) have issues. It is always about the bottom line (hospitals are run the same way) it is nice to get time and a half for holidays (hospitals here give a percentage which falls a little short of time and a half) it is also nice to not be "required to work Thanksgiving or Christmas".
    I have a great crew at my clinic, everyone tries to help everyone out. Manager is good too. That can make or break any job. I have not run into some of the "issues" that other Nurses have with techs. My PCT's are great.
    I have had a few "bad days" however they are a lot less than in the hospital, I do not come home crying from the clinic. I don't get cussed out by doctors on a daily basis; for the most part the Nephrologists are very nice and listen to the nurses...we have one exception, but I can deal with one
    All and all I think it is a good job. I feel way more satisfied and way more appreciated than I ever did at the hospital.
    It really all depends on the staff, manager and yourself, at any job.
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    yes holiday is time and half. since i have been with davita since 2005 we have always gotten bonuses. and they are great bonuses, never less than $300 and we generally get 3 a year. and it does depend on your clinic outcomes.

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