test for neuropathy, vasculitis

  1. I have a twin sister who has vasculitis. She recently began to develop tingling in her feet and her doctor said this may be neuropathy and be a sign that her vasculitis has become systemic. She said the doctor mentioned some kind of test involving a needle to check for neuropathy but she didnt catch the name. I have only completed my first semester of a BSN so I had no clue what test she could be talking about. Do any of you have any idea and do you know anything about vasculitis because there seems to have been very little research done on this condition? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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    The users of allnurses.com are not allowed to give out medical advice please talk to your sisters doctor about it.

    The test is callled an EMG (electromylogram).

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    Thank you for the test name. But perhaps I was misunderstood or I mispoke. I am looking for information in the form of resources on these two conditions. We have done a lot of research but the sources are often very vague or specific to a particular cause so I was just wondering if anyone knows of any source which may have more in depth information than most. Thanks.