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I was going to post this in the Nursing with Disabilities forum, but I don't think of my diabetes as a disability so I couldn't do it :D If this is in the wrong spot, my apologies! I wear a pump - absolutely love it, and it's... Read More

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    When I used to wear a pump, I wore it in the middle of my bra. The snug strap kept it in place. I bought a protective sleeve from Minimed to keep sweat at bay. It worked really well.

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    Quote from Shanfuturenurse
    scrub pants aren't the sturdiest things so it pulls my pants down.
    While scrub pants are comfy, low cost, easy care, and available everywhere, there are more tailored nursing pants available out there if you look for them. I got some in nursing school as we weren't allowed to wear scrubs and they were great. I don't mean the crumply, thin weight, show-off-your-undies kind, but one's made of sturdy, washable, no wrinkle material. Admittedly, that type is harder to find and aren't as cheap. Good quality won't fade or wear out quickly though. With the right fit, they allow just as much freedom of movement as scrubs... and you can put things in the pockets or on the waistband without worrying about one's pants falling down or a drawstring digging into one's flesh.

    The hole idea, though, sounds tried and true! Are you going to try that? Best wishes!

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