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I was going to post this in the Nursing with Disabilities forum, but I don't think of my diabetes as a disability so I couldn't do it :D If this is in the wrong spot, my apologies! I wear a pump - absolutely love it, and it's... Read More

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    Quote from Shanfuturenurse

    I think I'm going to try a hole in my scrub top. That way my pants won't be pulled down, and I'll still be able to access it easily. No one posted anything about that but I figure it's just as feasible as the pants pocket.

    That's actually exactly what I do. I had a seamstress professionally sew "button holes" there, though. Only time it's bothersome is if my site is in my thigh, then I need to be careful if I'm using the restroom. Can't tell you how many thigh sites I ripped out that way. I use the long tubing, but I don't see why it wouldn't work with short tubing.

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    I have 2 kids on pumps....and besides the coolness factor of the tubing dangling beside my 6'2" teenage dd try's to be more practical- cutting holes in pockets are one way, and the FFL diabetes conference she just purchased a pouch called she has found it stays quite secure and is comfortable. She wears it inside and outside her clothing, check out the website.
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    I've been looking for something small like that! That could work.....thanks so much

    I've been too chicken to try cutting buttonholes in my scrubs lol
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    Quote from Shanfuturenurse
    I've been looking for something small like that! That could work.....thanks so much

    I've been too chicken to try cutting buttonholes in my scrubs lol
    I hired someone to do it. Lol.
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    Try tucking the pump into your bra. That's a fairly common place for women who don't want to wear it at the waist.
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    Someone at work said, "Oh button holes are EASY!" Pfft. I consider it a victory when I can fix a hem

    Bra tucking doesn't work for me - I have the larger size pump so it shows through my shirt no matter where I clip it. It's heavy and doesn't seem to fit anywhere. It probably doesn't help that I'm blessed in the bust department LOL I found it uncomfortable and I'd like more accessibility.

    I love it at my waist (and always wear it there outside of work), but scrub pants aren't the sturdiest things so it pulls my pants down. Never a good thing lol
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    Quote from *ac*
    I know one person who cuts a hole in the front pocket of her scrub pants, puts the pump in the pocket, then feeds the tubing through the hole. This keeps everything inside her pants.
    :chuckle"This keeps everything inside her pants". She sounds like a an absolute lady. Love how u said that. That was a nice little laugh. Too cute.:heartbeat
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    I like to hook mine more around the back of my scrubs because it doesn't hook on the doorknob, and patients don't even realize its there. I do wish they were lighter though.
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    I switched to the omni pod about 3 months ago and I love it. I have less incidents with my tubing and don't go without insulin when I show or go swimming. The only downside for me is the 200 unit reservoir. Using just over 120 units a day, insurance doesn't cover enough pods. Working that bug out, think u500 is going to be the answer there.
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    check out comfortable way to wear the insulin pump.

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