Any Diabetic Nurse Educators Out There?

  1. Hello all,

    I would like to pursure a career in diabetic education. What types of questions are asked in an interview? also what are the daily routines? how are medications monitored? what are the pros and cons of the position? what do you love the most about your job? Thanks
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  3. by   country mom
    To investigate your answers, I would point you to the American Association of Diabetes Educators,

    The daily routine will depend alot on your practice setting. Diabetes Educators may work in inpatient or outpatient settings, physician offices, dialysis centers, and many more. From my experience, the practice is very much patient-centered, and the work is more process-oriented, rather than task-oriented. I would also suggest a book called, The Art of Empowerment, by M.Funnel and B. Anderson (It's available from the American Diabetes Association- It gives a very good description of the work of diabetes education, and how it differs from the standard model of patient care.
  4. by   classicdame
    staff nurses send me consults daily. I review chart and visit patients to discover needs and work with social worker, case mgmt, MD or whomever to be sure pt has what they need. The big difference for me is followup. I give out a business card and people call for more info on meds, resources, etc. I DO NOT give out medical advice, but if the patient has a need that requires the MD I may phone or fax the MD office for them to followup. Cons are that some people want you to make all their decisions and are non-compliant. This is true of all chronic diseases of course, but it is frustrating.