Any certified insulin pump trainer??? Any certified insulin pump trainer??? | allnurses

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Any certified insulin pump trainer???

  1. 0 I am new here and I was wanting to know if there are any insulin pump trainers out there? If so how do you become one? Where do you go? How long does it take? What is the compensation for this? Any info that I can get what be a great help so I am thanking in advance
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    Usually the insulin pump company themself provides the education and certifies you as a pump trainer. Usually they do not certify someone unless they are already in the diabetes specialty. As far as reimbursements for staring an insulin pump for a company - yes. The company will pay you to be a starter. But the catch is, you need diabetes experience before a company considers training and certifying you as a trainer
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    Thanks for the info, the reason I ask is because my Doc that I work for has asked me if I would consider being trained to do this inside her practice. Since this post she has contacted Medtronic for me to begin. I am alittle nervous but hey who isn't when they try something new. Thanks again for the info