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Hello All! I'm a RN and currently work as a substitute school nurse / Behavioral Support Staff (BSS) at a private school for kids who have behavioral or medical needs. Most of the kiddos there have... Read More

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    I am glad you took offence to animal comment. Kids are brilliant and just because you are upset at the way things are written. Autistic do good job, and live socalled normal people, they get upset if things dont go their planned way. 118 is good. He will continue to do well, give him a chance. Dont take things serious.
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    How about you not be so offensive. Im pretty sure if you had a child who was on the spectrum you wouldn't take so kindly to ignorant comments such as your own. Sometimes I question the types of people who become these nurses these days
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    I think I know what you were driving at with the animal comment but it could have been phrased (much) better.

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