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Hello All! I'm a RN and currently work as a substitute school nurse / Behavioral Support Staff (BSS) at a private school for kids who have behavioral or medical needs. Most of the kiddos there have... Read More

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    IQ 200? what does he excell in?

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    He excels in anything that he's interested in. He really struggles when he has to study areas that he's not interested in. He loves computers, video games, writing, science, classical music, and ancient history. He works full-time and goes to school. He is a giant wall of oblivion to people that he doesn't know, but is very sentimental and over-protective of the few people he cares about. He loves animals. He doesn't enjoy change or new situations, but once he knows the rules and what behavior is expected, he does really well. He consciously works on his social skills. If you have ever seen Bones, he is quite a bit like Temperance.
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    Just want to say that I have an autistic child as well and great offense to the animal comment. My child is in no way, shape or form like an animal. She has an IQ of at least 118. Please think of how your words would affect the parents or child of those you are speaking about....
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    I am glad you took offence to animal comment. Kids are brilliant and just because you are upset at the way things are written. Autistic do good job, and live socalled normal people, they get upset if things dont go their planned way. 118 is good. He will continue to do well, give him a chance. Dont take things serious.

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