Udel Accelerated Program

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    I was wondering if anyone knows more about the University of Delaware accelerated program? How is it? Teachers , Clinicals, and overall passrate. Please share. Thanks.

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    I almost posted a thread on this very topic. I have been considering returning to the University of Delaware for nursing and want to hear from an "insider" about its accelerated program. Anyone out there...?
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    My sister went through the UD accelerated program and she loved it! It's very intense (they don't recommend working or having a lot of outside commitments) Overall she had a great experience. I know it's very competitive. Minimum 3.25 GPA I think. I'm not sure about the NCLEX pass rate, you could check the Delaware Board of Nursing website. I went to UD undergrad and all of my friends who were nursing majors passed the first time and so did my sis. I'm looking to do a 2nd degree program, but I live in Maryland now. I would go for that program if I was still there.
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    Thanks for the response! I also went to UD undergrad. In fact, I just graduated in May, so it's still very new. I am also a DE resident, which would help when it comes to tuition, etc. if I did return for nursing, so... It's good to hear that your sister really appreciated the program!
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    Hi guys,
    What is passing in each of the nursing courses? How is the housing situation in DE?
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    Any recent students or grads of this program? Anyone know how many usually get accepted/apply? I think I read they take 35, but am not sure!

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