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    Do anyone have any knowledge about this program. I only have two classes left to fulfill the prerequisites. I was told they do not offer letters of acceptance unless all requirements are fulfilled. Did anyone else find this to be true?

    I was accepted to the Drexel program however I feel it may be too intense since I am a single parent. But, it may be my only choice because I didnt take the TEAS or GRE so I can not finish applying at Jeff.

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    I had a friend who just got in- Im traditional BSN. From what I hear, its competitive to be get into since UD gives first preference to UD alumni but its not impossible.

    All prerequisite science courses, including NURS 101, must be completed prior to the end of May. All other prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the summer of the admitting year.

    University of Delaware I College of Health Sciences I School of Nursing - FAQ's

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