transfered d/t personality confllict

  1. 0 I recently started an orientation on a med/surg floor to eventually work in ICU. in a small community hospital. ICU has 4 beds. m/s has 20. I graduated nursing school in may 03. I worked in a nursing home for 9 months before i went to the hospital. I worked for one month and got an evaluation, a bad evaluation. The nurse manager of the m/s floor said my nursing skills were not developing adequately. When I asked her which skills, she stated something I said, instead of a nursing skill. I continued to ask her which skills were bad and she failed to give me any example that my nursing skills were inadequate. One thing she did say was that when I was sent to ER for a code blue I just observed instead of joining in. I have not had an ACLS class and didn't realize I was supposed to participate in the code blue, I had never even observed one before.

    Well anyway i got transferred to the nursing home that is connected with the hospital. I know the DON there very well. She told me that the nurse manager told her it was a personality thing. My personality didn't click with the other girls on the m/s unit.

    this was very discouraging to me I went to the hospital in hopes of lernig every thing possible about nursing. Instead i get a lesson on closed minded shallow people. I don't even know if i want to stay in nursing
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    Yeesh- how underhanded! Don't they have to get your consent before transfering you to LTC? Are there other (clearly more professional) hospitals in the area? What a great 1st experience! What a lowsy manager too! She gets paid the big bucks to mediate and resolve "conflict", not banish the new talent!

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