St Francis Nurse Internship 2013

  1. Hi. I'm starting this thread to see if anyone who interviewed for the program on 12/18 received a call for the 2nd interview yet???
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  3. by   mrsmurtaugh
    hi Sharon,
    I just got an email from Sheila today. 2nd interview is next week jan 8 and 9
  4. by   sharon2012rn
    Good Luck. I got the call too. Were you at the openhouse?
  5. by   mrsmurtaugh
    thank you. good luck to you too. yes, i was at the open house.
    st francis is a lot closer to home than the one in md. hopefully, we both get to work there
    but i just went to the hospital in md and signed all the papers, get id badge, physical exam and all that today, i dont know what i would tell them if i were to get a job at st francis
  6. by   mrsmurtaugh
    do u know how many people they are intervewing thus time?
  7. by   sharon2012rn
    I'm not sure, I should hv asked when I talked to hr, I called them first thing wed morn, so they didn't hv to email me, can u tell me on here or PM what the actual email said, and what to bring
  8. by   sharon2012rn
    Actually I just called to see what I need to bring and the assistant there said it got narrowed down to 20, I wished it was narrowed down to 10
  9. by   mrsmurtaugh
    OMG ! yea I wished they narrowed down to 10 as well
    the actual email didnt tell me to bring anything. it only tells me to call sabrina to schedule the 2nd interview.
    but i remembered kevin said we should bring transcript, recommendation letters, bls, acls whatever certifications or licenses u have and your resume.

    when is your interview?
    if you got this job, will u quit the part time job with psych center?

    i have already accepted the job in MD in writing, i really dont know how to handle it if st francis were to offer a job.
  10. by   sharon2012rn
    I will stillvkeep thepart time job as long as i can, just for the added experience, If I get this job, I hope they tell us one way or the other in the same week of interview,
  11. by   sharon2012rn
    I'm thurs, what day do u go
  12. by   sharon2012rn
    I meant wed
  13. by   mrsmurtaugh
    mine is tuesday. good luck!
  14. by   sharon2012rn
    Thanks, u 2. let me know how it went. I'm hoping it's similar to the first one