Moving to Dover as a future student

  1. I'm moving out to the Dover area in the next couple of months and would like to return to school for a second bachelors in nursing. I have nearly all pre-reqs done (maybe microbiology and speech to take depending on the school I go to). Anyway, the schools I'm looking at at this point are: Delaware State located in Dover (great because of its closeness to home but can't find info on if this program will actually work for me in my situation--am still waiting to hear back from them on this), University of Delaware in Wilmington (has an accelerated program but I'm not particularly looking for such an intense and quick program and the commute really doesn't appeal), and then I was referred to Salisbury in Maryland (which sounds perfect for me in terms of program flexibility but the downside would be the commute again and out-of-state tuition from my understanding). So I guess I'm looking to see if anybody has any experience with any of these schools and maybe even if anybody dealt with the commute and thoughts on that. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   MelodyRNurse
    There is a University of Wilmington campus in Georgetown, DE. I believe all the classes are one night a week for seven weeks, and its mostly papers. This is about 45 minutes closer than Salisbury. The University of Delaware offers an online BSN program. I don't know much about DE State university, except that it is in Dover.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   Hokie
    Wilmington University also has classes available in Dover and class size is smaller than the Georgetown location, depends on which is more convenient for you. As stated previously, each semester is only 7 weeks long and classes are usually from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. once a week. Instructors are great and work with you.
  5. by   HopefulRN007
    Are you in Dover now? I am also a c-17 wife here, and I'm looking into nursing classes at Del Tech, Wilmington and UD. Any pre-reqs you still have you could probably take at Del Tech and then transfer.