I have a question on online school?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I did some online school as my pre-rugts but I just found out that the Terry campus will not let me transferred my math or CRT or COM stuff to them. But the Terry Campus made me take the placement test and I have to repeat the MATH and CRT and COM again. What should I do? But I need to work online for another year because I have twin girls that does not go to yet till 2010 of September for full time. I am really lost and confused rite now and aangry because I waste my student loans on Phoenix and I cannot transferred them to a Tech school and Terry campus in consider a Tech school. Can anyone help me in State of Delaware?
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  3. by   defenbaker10
    Hi! I also go to the terry campus. It stinks that you have to retake the classes. If you still have to do classes online, terry does have online classes for the prereq. classes. Just the actual clinical classes that have to be done on campus. I did the math course thru online and the only time I had to come on campus was to take the tests. You take the test at the testing center which is open in the day, night and on Saturdays. I work full time so it was good for me so I could go at night or on Saturdays to take my test. The CRT and the comp they also offer online but not sure how they work, should be about the same.