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Just wondering if there are any other Del Tech students out there??? I go to owens campus.:hatparty: :hatparty:... Read More

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    Sorry, but I can't help you with the points systems. When I started at Del Tech, you were admitted into clinicals based almost solely on your score on the NLN. I scored really well on it, so I just had to wait the standard 1 year after taking the NLN to get into clinicals. I think that the people who didn't do well on the NLN were put on a waiting list and admitted as space allows. Of course, now with the list of people waiting to get in those people would never make it...I think that's why they changed the admission process. Anyway, hope you make it!


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    They changed the admisson process b/c DTCC was losing students left and right. It is one of the only schools in the area that requires you to take the NLN, and their waiting list was causing people to re-consider going there, even if they are the best nursing school around. The other factor that played a role in chaning the admission process was that they were being critisized for their "hurry and wait" message they had been sending. A student had even writen something to the newsjournal about what was going on. Needless to say, DTCC ended up receiving money from either the state or the federal goverment to expand their nursing program. That is why this past semester they admitted 80 students instead of 62 or 63. With doing that, students who had taken the NLN last Feb. were able to get in this past Aug. I wouldn't worry as much about getting into the nursing program as I would about being weeded out. Going full time is no joke!!! There is a friend of mine who had a 4.0 up to clinical and now got a B 141 and a C in 142. Honestly, it isn't as hard as it is time consuming. Hang in there, and clinical will be here before you know it, then you will be wishing for a break!!
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    Hi everyone! I go to DTCC Stanton. Still taking my pre -reqs and preparing for the NLN entry exam this Feb. Anyone have any tips for taking this test??

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    :spin: Well tomorrow is the big pre-NLN exam day! I have practiced and studied and reviewed. Now, if you all would just say a tiny silent prayer for me , I would greatly appreciate it. Im sure you all know the power of prayer!

    Thank you and God bless

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    I was, I graduated MANY years ago, good luck!!
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    Owens campus student here.
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    well, it is april 2007, and i am hopefully graduating in may. i just want to let those of you who are just starting or will be starting the clinical program at dtcc stanton campus, the 1st two semesters are a breeze compared to the last 2 semesters. med surge is no joke!! it takes a lot of studying. the thing that changes in 3rd semster is that the test questions are requiring you to use your critical thinking skills. know your labs and be sure to understand the human anatomy. in order to answer the questions you need to think the whole thing through. it is not cut and dry!! 4th semester is the same as third. although, some feel that it is a bit easier. i think that the reason for this is b/c by this point you have got an understanding of how to critically think. the best advice i can give is work hard but don't be consumed with getting a's and b's. if you worry about getting the highest grade you will burn out before you graduate. know that c equals degree!!! if you can pull off a's and b's great!!! however, if you are like me, with a young children, and a job, you probably won't see an a in med surge. now, the good thing is that if you are full time (both nurses courses) the other course that you take with 3rd and 4th med surge is pretty easy. you will still need to study but it won't take as much of your time, and best of all, the test questions are a heck of a lot easier!!! well, that's all i have for now. if anyone has any questions about the nursing courses or subject matter pm me. i will be happy to help if i can. good luck to all of you!!! there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!
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    i am a student at the terry campus. i am graduating this month with my pn certificate and will be taking the nclex-pn in the next couple weeks. the first two semesters weren't too bad except peds. i am hoping to be able to find a job while i finish my last 2 semesters.
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    Quote from luvelyone
    i am a student at the terry campus. i am graduating this month with my pn certificate and will be taking the nclex-pn in the next couple weeks. the first two semesters weren't too bad except peds. i am hoping to be able to find a job while i finish my last 2 semesters.
    congrats on the up coming graduation!!!! my graduation in next wens (5/16). i am so excited that i have finished dtcc nursing program. my
    1st two semesters were a breeze compared to the last two. i took the hesi exam today and didn't do too good, however, no one really did well except a friend of mine and he got 92% (1,025 points). he has already started studying for nclex, though. i am going to do kaplan online which from what i hear, will really help prepare me for boards . anyway, since classes ended on mon, i don't know what to do with myself. i have been busy during the day preparing for graduation, and everything else, but at night when i used to do the majority of my studying, i feel lost. my nursing advisor at dtcc, whom i have become very close too, told me today that some students even get somewhat depressed b/c school was such a big part of our life for so long. i have actually felt a little down about here and there b/c of the fact that it is over. don't get me wrong, it is a huge releif that i have actually made it through the nursing program, and i do plan to continue my education b/c eventually i want to be a ped np specializing in cardiology, but i am going to take some time off to meet my family again , and get my life back in order. plus, i am 18 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child so, she is going to need a lot of my time. my sons are excited for me (7yo and 4yo). now, i can actually sit down and spend time with them without having to cut our time together short b/c of studying. my husband, who has been doing most of the house work, including fixing all dinners and getting our boys fed and bathed, is so releived himself. anyway, good luck with nclex, and your future endevors. we did it!!!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations! I too have felt very lost since school is over. I can't remember what I used to do with my spare time. We just took the ATI NClex predictor test today and I did ok, but it gave me a list of things to study. I know that there are a lot more meds this year than in past years on the boards......Good luck with the new baby and enjoy. The kids...they'll grow up and move away before you know it!


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