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Hello nursing students!! I am wondering if there are any DTCC prospective nursing students here? I am applying in August to Stanton's program! Anyone else? If so, how are you doing on your ranking... Read More

  1. by   imanb
    no nothing yet...we should know for sure by the end of the month...im so anxious
  2. by   imanb
    i still haven't taken HLH 130 but i talked to an advisor yesterday and she informed me if i sm offered a seat i will be able to register for the class but i have to first see if i ranked... so we should know very soon since the class starts the first week of october
  3. by   imanb
    I JUST GOT MY LETTER!!!!! im so happy, it says to complete the application package by 10/10/13....good luck ladies and check the mail, and i know ill see you both in class
  4. by   besaangel
    Hey babygirl- I got mine tuesday... WE ARE IN Told you not to worry... That CNA threw a lot of people for a loop so I think less people applied- could be wrong but they NEVER get done this early
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  5. by   imanb
    Im so happy the wait is over ...im excited anxious nervous and scared all at the same time....now we just have to get these packets in on time...I really want to know what the schedule will be like so I can gwt everyone prepared. Every1 is tellin me im going to have to basically abandon my baby and I just refuse to not have mommy time
  6. by   wala.h
    Hey do you guys know what the cut off points was...I had a 23 but hadn't taken math 119... So I was wondering if anyone knows what number of points was the lowest...I'm hoping to get an A and then have 27 points to apply for next semester ...but is that been good enough for this competitive program ?
  7. by   imanb
    I was accepted with 25 points so im sure 27 is more than enough
  8. by   wala.h
    Hi for those who started the program , can you give me an idea of your schedulae, days and times? Am I going to have to put my son in daycare full time all week? I want to know what to expect since I am apply this march �� also how is it so far? Harder then all the other classes we've had to take before applying? Thanks in advance !
  9. by   besaangel
    Clinical's: Monday and Tuesday
    Class: Wednesday and Friday
    Exams: Thursday's (6)

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  10. by   rache1rotz
    Quote from besaangel
    Clinical's: Monday and Tuesday
    Class: Wednesday and Friday
    Exams: Thursday's (6)

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    Did u just get accepted? What are the hours?
  11. by   besaangel
    Sorry for the late reply.
    The schedule changes every class every semester. I started in spring of this year and currently third semester because I did the accelerated program.

    For example I just finished MedSurg three this week and my schedule was clinicals Mondays and Tuesdays and classes Thursdays and Fridays with exams on Thursday. my upcoming schedule will be OB/peds and I have clinicals Mondays and Tuesdays and classes Wednesdays and Thursdays. now the adjustment is I'll be having two or three different topics covered on each Wednesday Thursday as compared to previous semesters. I.E. Classes are now essentially 10 AM to 4 PM whereas before my classes would be 8 to 12

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  12. by   wala.h
    Thanks ! What about clinical times do they still start at 6:30 am like the first semester ?
  13. by   besaangel
    It varies, you can choose clinicals that start at 6:30 AM or if you want you can have evening clinicals that start at 2 PM

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