Delaware Nursing and healthcare links

  1. delaware professional regulation - board of nursing

    board approved nursing programs
    de nursing programs
    de nursing program pass rates

    licensure requirements
    license by examination
    license by endorsement
    advanced practice nurse license
    license renewal

    license law (title 24, ch 19)
    license law (title 24, ch 19a)
    rules & regulations
    position statements

    compact (multi state) licensure

    public disciplinary actions

    license verification

    nursing newsletters

    delaware nurses association (dna)
    web site:

    delaware healthcare association

    health care scholarships& jobs

    state of delaware nursing expansion scholarships
    check website for 2011 requirements....

    high school seniors: seed schoolarship free tuition for 2 yr as degree at univ of de or dtcc
    ud:seed scholarships
    delaware tech & community college seed website

    2002: solving the nursing shortage in delaware (pdf file)

    delaware colleges and universities

    directory of delaware, hospitals, medical centers & health systems

    delaware state service career opportunities
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  3. by   dbcsgr
    What site is available with the NCLEX pass rates for specific Delaware BSN programs? I found a site that lumps the pass rates all together, but specifically, I would like to find (maybe in June) the pass rates for graduates of Wesley College's BSN program -so I can compare them to other schools I am looking at (Shepherd, Shenandoah, York). Yes, I know the pass rate doesn't tell you everything, but it's a starting place to narrow down the list of schools. Thanks.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    state bon only lists state average nclex rate by type of degree program: delaware nursing program pass rates

    unable to locate list of each schools rates like pa has.