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Has anyone applied and heard anything back yet? I know all the materials were just due in last week but I wanted to start a thread so us applicants can keep each other posted as to any feedback from HR :) Good luck all!... Read More

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    So upsetting! I had an interview last week at HCR Manor Care in Wallingford. Not sure where you're from but there are more positions open. The HR guy is a real nice guy and made the interview much less nerve wracking. They have some posts up if you want to check them out. I'm pretty sure I got the job, just waiting to hear back when I can get started. Good luck my fellow bummed out nurse!

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    Hey guys, stay positive... There were a lot (I mean a lot) of apps for the NICU internships. My co-worker said her class had 8 applicants that do their externships there and highly doubt they get it either. BTW, they have posted other opportunities in the ED, Stepdown, MICU, Surgical etc (although might not be what you guys wanted)
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    Thank you! I figured they'd get a lot of applicants, but I'm just freaking because of my financial situation. Also I'm not already endorsed for Delaware yet so I think that holds me back from being considered for jobs that need to be filled asap. This process is making me feel like a complete failure, although I said before that I wouldn't let that happen. I have a few leads for jobs but nothing is happening fast enough, I just want to work! I hate this economy and this awful situation for us new nurses!
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    Its ok MAtoBSN... It'll all work out for the best.

    What do you mean endorsed for DE?
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    I'm licensed in PA, so I have to jump through the hoops to get a DE license.
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    Oh yea. That's a hoot but hopefully it won't be too bad

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    I know this is late but I know they only hired two out of nearly four hundred. One a recent new grad with no healthcare experience, so I guess experience isn't as high on their priority list as I assumed it would be. But she is the sweetest person and she loves the program a lot. I pray I can find something like that after graduation!
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    simplyblessed, where are you going to school?

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