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Christiana NICU Interniship - page 2

Has anyone applied and heard anything back yet? I know all the materials were just due in last week but I wanted to start a thread so us applicants can keep each other posted as to any feedback from... Read More

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    Its ok MAtoBSN... It'll all work out for the best.

    What do you mean endorsed for DE?
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    I'm licensed in PA, so I have to jump through the hoops to get a DE license.
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    Oh yea. That's a hoot but hopefully it won't be too bad

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    I know this is late but I know they only hired two out of nearly four hundred. One a recent new grad with no healthcare experience, so I guess experience isn't as high on their priority list as I assumed it would be. But she is the sweetest person and she loves the program a lot. I pray I can find something like that after graduation!
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    simplyblessed, where are you going to school?