Anyone go to or plan to go to Beebe School of Nursing? Anyone go to or plan to go to Beebe School of Nursing? | allnurses

Anyone go to or plan to go to Beebe School of Nursing?

  1. 0 I really wanted to go the ABSN route, but that might not be possible due to distance and money, so am looking at Beebe School of Nursing. Anyone have any experiences they would like to share?
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    Beebe is a great school, tough but you are so prepared when you graduate to take the NCLEX and start working. You have so much clinical in comparison to the other programs.....since the are affiliated with the hospital you can do nurse extern, so look at the Beebe Hospital web-site for the School of Nursing info. I didn't graduate from there, I actually did my first sememster of nursing school there but had to switch to Del Tech (still a good school) to get my LPN since I had some issues with my kids. They require total committment, but they are with you every step of the way............if I could have I would have continued there.
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks so much, I have spoken with one girl who went there and she loved it (well hated it at first, but loved it later) and said the same thing you did regarding being tough but ending up prepared. What year did you go?
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    I went in 2000, and part of 2001 when I had to drop out (switched to Del Tech) due to my teenager sons needing me more. You will have so much studying to do but I know the end result will be great........If you can commit you should go..they used to have dorms, but I don't know if they still do. I highly recommend it.


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