Tore My ACL - need advice/experience ASAP

  1. Hello all!

    So 2 weeks ago I tore my acl and caused a 3mm hairline fracture in my tibia when I jumped up to catch a ball and I felt it tear. So I have now been off of work for 2 weeks and 2 days. The first week, I got 3/4 of my shifts covered, so I didn't feel so guilty. But now the doc I want to do my surgery can't do it until Dec 4th due to my insurance. That's 3 weeks from now and I'm going crazy - mostly from guilt about missing so much work as my icu is already short staffed.

    From what I've read, the best thing to do is do as much rehab as you can before the surgery so your leg doesn't continue to lose muscle. I can walk with a limp pretty well, although they've told me to continue to use the crutches and a brace for stability. So, I originally thought I would be out about 6 weeks, but now, with the surgery being so much later, it looks like it will be a lot longer. Has anyone had this injury/surgery? How long are you out for? Could I go back 3 weeks after surgery if I work really hard? How do I feel with the incredible guilt i am feeling about missing work as we are so close to the holidays? I am on short term disability right now, but I am desperate to get back to work, but my husband says I need to just rehab for the next 3 weeks and concentrate on getting better, but I keep feeling like if I can walk/sort of limp decently I should be on the unit . . . my director mentioned that if it took longer than expected they could make me a discharge nurse on one of the trauma floors, but that's a little daunting as I don't know those patients. My unit is a LONG walk from the parking lot . . . I feel like I could work the unit, but that walk is painful to even think about, right now, although I am currently not having much pain. I just feel like I'm cheating or something, by not being at work, but being able to drive and do chores around the house and stuff - at least for short bursts. Please advise and thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Hello, I'm sorry but as per the terms of service of this site that were agreed to when signing up, members can neither request nor offer medical advice. Your concerns are best discussed with your PCP or treating physician/surgeon. You can ask if you can have a pre-surgical referral to a physical therapist to prepare for your procedure. You can also discuss with your employer or physician if accommodations can be made that you can park closer to the facility entrance. Good luck in your upcoming procedure.
  4. by   Esme12
    I agree with Beachy, your MD is the only one whi can advise you about your injury....however, may I also add that you need to take care of you right now. Limping around, furthering your injury to give you a possible lifetime of trouble and endangering your ability to be a bedside nurse......I say rest and take care of it right now. As a manager and an ICU nurse, trust me, They will be fine without you for now....