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So I will apply to an MSN program that accepts non-nursing majors next year and I've been pretty excited about it until I started talking to my counselors, RN's, friends, and people in general. I am not doubting my decision of... Read More

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    I have always believed that to stay in nursing for the long haul and really maximize potential as a nurse does require an above-average ability to adapt, withstand stress, and both compartmentalize and integrate different aspects of your life.

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    It depends on you. In most areas of in-patient nursing, you will face absurd human suffering. Everyone finds a different way to adapt. From a morbid sense of humor to extreme religiosity to alcoholism, we all find a way to get up and deal with it again. For me, a mix of dark humor, close friendships with coworkers, and spirituality allow me to deal with the extremities of life with a modicum of sanity. And when a family member hugs you or tells you how much they appreciate your hard work, you suddenly remember why you're there. Plus, someone has to do the work, and I'll do a good job, so it might as well be me.
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    As a nursing student, reading all of these have been really helpful. I am precepting on a Trauma unit and am very interested in working in Emergency/Trauma ICU. Thanks everyone.
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    I think I've mastered the compartmentalization I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

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