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Please provide trauma icu interview tips

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    I have a trauma icu, level one trauma center interview. Please provide tips.
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    Well interview was laid back very general. I got the job offer just trying to figure if it is right for me considering I am a new grad.
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    What makes you wonder if you are right for the job? Have you had any TICU experience? Did you feel comfortable with the staff? Just thought I would comment to get your thought process going . I myself am starting in a STICU in a level 1 trauma center soon too (fingers crossed).
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    Well I am new to the hospital as I am relocating for the job. I have no TICU exp. I enjoy reading about trauma. I feel very comfortable with the trauma program director/manager of the unit. I met one staff member. I did have a trauma step down rotation and worked on that floor as a tech twice.

    The anxiety and self doubt comes from thinking about all those med drips, not reacting fast, CODES, lots of lines for med administration, how much I have to learn as far as just being a nurse let alone an ICU nurse.
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    Advice...I started fresh out of nursing school in a trauma/neuro icu. Do NOT do it! Give urself time to learn! Even if it is just a few months in a PCU or the floor. Try an ortho floor if u really want some stable trauma experience.

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