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Hey all, I just passed my CCRN (with a score of 111/125) and thought I would share my method of preparing. I started studying a little over one month before the exam (while working full time)... Read More

  1. by   tri-rn
    Passed this week with 112/125. I took a 2-day review course given by our local AACN chapter that was interesting but that I don't think helped me much on the test just because it didn't really cover much new ground for me. I studied the PASS-CCRN! book with concentration on cardiac and pulm, and did the practice CD. The practice questions were helpful but over time I kept getting the same ones over and over again. Studying the book helped quite a bit although I went a little overboard on it.

    I got at least 20 questions that didn't seem to have a correct answer at all

    Edited to add: I agree with the above poster who said that the rationales on the CD led her to look up good info, that's how it worked for me too.
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  2. by   Lil_Mama4sho1
    What version of the Pass CCRN is everyone using and where do I get the lauren gasparis cd and/or dvd...Do I get both or is one better then the other. I want to take is this early part of the year