Parkland SICU August 2013 residency - page 3

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    4. 2 from trauma and 2 RNs from the ER. They have 4 panels and you only meet with 1.

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    25% chance. Not too bad
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    3 yr contract after residency is over. $20,000 fine if you leave early.
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    Thank you! I hope you did well in your interview!
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    @NursieDP and @rooroo17 - have y'all been contacted for a SICU interview?
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    Nope. My situation is a little different though.
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    I have an interview with SICU on Tuesday....
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    I applied on 4/25 when the Nurse Resident ER was reposted. I'm hoping I hear something soon! Wow 3yr contract! Well at least your secured for 3 yrs!
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    Good luck. The hiring manager and supervisors really seemed nice.

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