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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a new grad currently working in psych and I just got offered a position on an advanced care unit; in my interview they said it's considered critical care experience; they do telemetry and get a lot of post-stroke pts, alcohol withdrawals, anything requiring more extensive monitoring. They're offering a ten week orientation; does that seem like a good amount of time? It does to me but I've heard other people talk about having 6 month orientations for critical care. I've been wanting to get back to acute care but I don't want to be ill-prepared! I appreciate any info.

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  3. by   youknowho
    My orientation was 3 months including didactic and on the unit.
  4. by   nurse.sandi
    Every nurse is different. I had 16 weeks. I was ready to go on my own, but had to wait to sit for the boards due to $ and my nclex date. Before you are sent on your own, the educator and manager should evaluate you and ask you how you feel. Hope they hold thier end of the deal. Good luck.
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  5. by   KarrotRN
    Mine was 16 weeks but that included a lot of class time and I was a brand new nurse working in a fairly critical ICU. You should be okay but if you aren't ready when the orientation is up, let your manager know. Most places are good about giving you more time if you feel you need it. No place wants to set you up for failure!! Good luck if you take the job
  6. by   GraduateNurse89
    10 weeks sounds like a decent time for that type of unit