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Nursing is a highly stressful profession. Yet still, there are millions of people who opted to be in this path. Some are lured by high job compensation while other individuals have no choice but to... Read More

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    Nursing was a second career for me. Not for money, but by choice to do something meaningful. However, now 5 years in to the profession, I really understand that inpatient nursing is not a very good work environment. I think the most convincing evidence of this is that most of the people where I work (in a Level I trauma/surgical ICU) are under 35. The fact that so few people choose to stay in this profession is not surprising. The hours are awkward. The policies restrictive (with regard to leave, etc.). And the union literally has to fight for no raises. Once a positive healthy working environment is established in nursing, you can expect people to stay and enjoy their jobs. Stop treating nurses like factory workers!

    My dad works in a steel plant as a crane operator and gets paid much, much less than I do and gets treated way better. Personal days are personal days. Time off is generally approved easily. Even when he sprained his wrist this year they gave him time off and then extra time off when my grandma had some issues so he could help my mom and I with her. They have been very good to him in the 28 years he has worked there. He is union and gets his lunch and breaks.

    Nurses aren't able to take lunch and breaks when needed. Time off is sometimes very difficult to get.