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Hey everyone! I am a new grad that will be starting my first nursing job in the ICU! I precepted in an ICU as well. This thread is for all new grads starting in an ICU this summer! We can compare... Read More

  1. by   JeanOfAllTraits
    Quote from annie.z
    I'm having issues incorporating/processing the hemodynamic information too! Does anyone have any tips on how to make things easier to understand?? I haven't had a change to read the Hemodynamic document on ICUFaqs to see if it would make more sense to me there.
    I had my first crack at a swan last week. It made so much more sense after I had one in my hand and worked through the A&P of it and the measurements. I haven't oriented to CV ICU yet, but I know that I'll get more experience with Hemodynamics there. Are you a hands on learner? YOu could see if your Ed coordinator could get you some time with a swan/balloon pump model. Of course, it all depends on how often you really see them at your hospital.

    Well, I'm off to do groceries and make some meals, then onto reviewing ECCO's! Yay! Side note, I'll be on my own next week! Ah! Excited and scared all at the same time.
  2. by   nursed40
    Check out this awesome Lots of great info for any ICU nurse!
  3. by   srna520
    Hi guys! My name is Isaac. I currently live in Orlando and will be starting as a GN in a cardiac ICU, this is a great thread just wanted to introduce myself.
  4. by   greyL
    How is everyone doing? I just finished my 4th week of orientation, and I feel so incompetent all the time! There are no other new grads on the unit with me so I have no one to compare myself to.
  5. by   racingmurse320q
    I've got 2 more shifts of orientation and then I'm on my own. I feel like I've gained a lot of confidence through the orientation process but I know I've got a long way to go. I've already had run ins with those arrogant, egotistical physicians and it's made me realize I've got to have tough skin. Good luck to everyone!
  6. by   libynjoe

    can anyone help me trying to find new grad jobs in the houston area.
  7. by   Sponges
    Hi everyone. I currently hold 2 student nurse positions in 2 hospitals in town. One is in SICU. I am finishing up 4th semester and have accepted a full time RN position in CVICU. Very excited and very nervous!!
    [COLOR=#003366]racingmurse320q: I've encountered a resident like that (surgical resident). It was during my clinical rotation in burn. I also need to work to thicken my skin as well.
    grey L: I will be the only new grad in the unit as well :/. Are you doing ecco? I am required to do that during orientation. I was told it will help the transition...we'll see.
  8. by   Chaswald
    I will be starting orientation at my new position in the Cardio-Pulmonary ICU at our local teaching hospital and level 1 trauma center starting tomorrow. I have been an LPN for about 5 years in long term care and sub acute rehab. I very recently got my RN. It has been my goal to be not only a cardiac nurse but ultimately an ICU nurse. So this is like a dream come true. Honestly for me it was more about who i got along with in school and who my instructors were. One of mine worked on this unit for 13 years and felt I would be a great fit there. So she gave me a glowing reference. So excited!
  9. by   BrookeWright
    Hi there MLB4 and all others starting out in the ICU!
    Congratulations! I am currently in an accelerated BSN program in a metro area with several hospitals in the city. I graduate in December this year 2014! woohoo! I want a preceptorship/senior practicum in an ICU really badly, so I'm breaking my back to hold down a tech job and make straight A's. Its tough at times but I know it's what I have to do. So my question is, what exactly are you meaning when you mention the 'best of the best'? Can any of you give me real data like GPA, & other resume boosters? I was considering taking an ACLS course before I graduate as a means to standout. What are your thoughts, everyone? Specifically about certifications and society memberships, GPA's & the like. Thanks and Congrats!
  10. by   calivianya
    I took ACLS before graduation, but I had interviewed the place that hired me before taking ACLS, so it didn't help me. Not saying it wouldn't have, but I already had a job. I have read lots of things on here about hiring managers liking to see professional organization memberships, so join AACN if you haven't already. Besides, student memberships are cheaper. You get a discount for your first year, lots of free CEs, magazines, and discounts on things from AACN including a discount on your CCRN test fee once you get that far. I just like collecting the free magazines - I am going to have a huge magazine wall one day!

    The places I applied as a new grad mainly wanted solid ICU clinical experience. Doing your practicum in ICU will help more than anything else.
  11. by   Le2284
    Which hospitals is everyone working at as new grads? I am a new grad and currently looking for a position in an ICU. Thanks!