New Grad working in a level one Trauma Center...Few questions - page 2

I just got accepted into an internship in Trauma/Surgical ICU!!! It is at a level one trauma center in Texas. I am excited but nervous to start because this is a regional trauma center, 200+ new... Read More

  1. by   andrew.youv
    This will be helpful: index
  2. by   francoml
    Thank you for your input. To answer your question, yes they will for sure hire me after the internship (assuming I don't do something really stupid). They call it an "internship" but I think it is just because there is a lot class time involved. I signed a year contract with them already and they are giving be money to relocate (I live in a different state). My school does our clinical there once a year for 4 days and I have to say they are some of the most amazing people to work with!!!! From the techs to nurses to the directors they are all so humble and I feel like they just want to teach you more and more!
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  3. by   francoml
    Its good to know that even experienced nurses still have some fear about patients. Thank you for sharing this with me!