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Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out. I'd appreciate any feedback on getting a critical care job after graduation. I'm graduating in 2 weeks with my BSN. I had a 15... Read More

  1. by   my_purpose
    I agree. It is kicking my butt also. I also think that it matters what preceptor you have. The preceptor who will allow you to learn, not be extremely critical and not be so territorial and 'type A' is important for me.
  2. by   zeus&lincoln
    It is possible to get into the icu as a GN. I am living proof of that and am almost off orientation in a level 3 NICU (my dream unit). I had some tech experience and completed my preceptorship in a Peds hospital prior to being hired.

    I would definitely recommend applying to hospitals that hire GNs regularly. These hospitals typically hire new grads into speciality units and have the experience to effectively train GNs since they do so quite regularly (quarterly at my hospital). Many of these hospitals have trained staff to precept, classroom/online components, certification courses as well as lab time to learn skills specific to your area of nursing.

    I tend to think that because my area of practice is so specialized, going into med-surg first would not have helped me in the slightest. I sometimes think nursing school was mostly a waste (since it isn't really applicable to what I am doing now) and most of my knowledge is being obtained via on the job training. Having said that my unit seems to prefer hiring GNs over experienced nurses from other departments because they can essentially mold you into the nurse they want you to be. However, I can see the validity of the med-surg/pcu argument on adult units.