Need advice about ICU job switch!

  1. Hello fellow nurses!

    I need some advice on a job switch. I have worked in a CVSU/CCU for a year and a half and I absolutely love it. I am full time with benefits but I don't take them, only short/long term disability and they match me for my 403b. This position also comes with earned time hours, a guaranteed 32 hours a week, etc. I have been trying to get back into ICU since I graduated (did a 6 month preceptorship) and recently got an offer for a per diem position after months of trying. From what I've heard this is how people get into ICU at my facility then get full time when available. I would be given full time hours without the benefits. My concerns are involving the upcoming health care changes and if I don't get a coded position soon what would happen to benefits that are available to me. I will not need health insurance through my job for a few years if everything in government stays how it is now. I also love earned time for obvious reasons! I just want to go to ICU so bad!!! Does anyone have any words of advice?

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   silentRN
    Email the manager. That's how I got my interview set up when I was working a floor unit and wanted to transfer to the ICU. I didn't get a response back until 3 months later when a position opened up. I applied, was interviewed, and that's all there was to it.

    Let me remind you though, that was during a time when nursing jobs where guaranteed to pretty much all that applied...times have definitely changed for some time now.
  4. by   KBICU
    Bump!!!! Any advice welcome