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  1. Question: i'm a newly licensed RN that just started in a level I trauma center ER and i'm considering future certifications. I'm planning on getting my CEN but i'm also considering a CCRN. historically ccrn was only for ICU type units. Is this still true today? Is there a way I can find out if a level I trauma center is considered critical care also for CCRN purposes . Not sure if it matters but the center I work in has a connected ER & OR- separated by 2 doors. Also, the ER and OR staff also work together in code room which its in ER.Any info regarding CCRN and level I Trauma centers relation is appreciated...
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  3. by   brainkandy87
    Well I might be wrong, but I don't believe CCRN is going to be of much use in the ER. It certainly will not hurt to have it, but IMO you should probably aim for TNCC and CEN.
  4. by   VICEDRN
    I understand that you can use your ER experience to qualify for CCRN. (This is frankly, information you could have learned by reading the requirements on their organizing body's website as I have reviewed it myself.) It still requires you to have like 2000 hours I think to take it.

    In terms of the material, I have heard other ER nurses say the material is similar but there is a lot more in depth information about ventilators that you won't get from working in the ER. (So say those that have taken both.) I don't see the advantage though, as a new grad, I contemplated it just as you are now.

    I agree with Brainkandy, at this point, its enough to obtain and maintain certifications in ACLS, PALS, NRP, TNCC and then CEN without worrying about the CCRN.
  5. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    I have always worked level one trauma (I've been a nurse 8 years). I have worked both ER and ICU. In order to pass the CCRN exam, you would definitely need ICU experience not just ER experience. CCRN is a very hard test and in most cases just reading the book will not cut it. You will need that day in and day out exposure to the complete and complex ICU patient. If you are working ER and think that is where you want to be, focus on TNCC and CEN. Good luck to you as you start your RN career!!
  6. by   KalipsoRed21
    If your ER does both peds and adults like mine then I'd also suggest ENPC.