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Hi to all ICU RN's/CRNA's, I'm a new grad with full-time immersion experience in the ICU and am hoping to become an ICU nurse, and possibly a CRNA one day. I know that I'll need to get experience in the ICU as a... Read More

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    SewRN: I'm sooo happy you took the ICU job!!! I am Also CRNA bound and you can always apply to another bigger hospital if you want since they always want ICU exp. first how long are you gonna do ICU before applying for CRNA schools? And where will you apply?

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    Thanks, pink4! I'm not sure how long/where I'll be doing the ICU for before applying for CRNA. It all depends on when I feel I'm ready--when I feel that I've gained enough experience to be able to effectively learn what I need to in CRNA school, and feel that I could safely practice in the field if that makes sense. What about you? Are you an ICU nurse now then?
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    No... Actually I graduate Nursing school with my ADN this upcoming May 2013!! But I already know this is where my heart is set on!! Been working as a CNA on the med-surg floor at the local hospital close to my school.. Actually we do clinicals there, and I have become friendly with ICU since I deal with them quite a bit because of work! I will get even more dealings this fall with my OR and day surgery rotations so I'm super excited! My plan is 6 months of med-surg immediately after graduation, then hit ICU for the year all while completing my BSN and hopefully go straight to CRNA since the school I will attend one of the 2 that offers the MSN program in my area..... At least that's my plan!! Lol!
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    Congrats, pink4! Sounds like you got yourself a plan! If you feel confident enough though, maybe you can even start immediately in the ICU so that time counts for the requirements to apply for CRNA school =) Also just an FYI, by the time we apply to CRNA if we are to, the CRNA programs would be converted to DNP programs rather than MSN. Just something to think about as you mentally prepare yourself for that =)
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    I do feel like I'm confident enough but let's just say my ICU mentors really are pushing me to do the floor first... I really dont want to but they promise me it will make a world of a difference in time management and skill set.. So we will see!

    The university I'm looking at has a dnp program after the msn program but I sure would be happy to skip msn and go straight to dnp like some schools are already doing it!
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    I def know though as soon as I hit my 1 yr mark in ICU I will start applying! The worst they can say is to reapply next year!
    What schools you looking to apply SewRN? I'm in Houston, TX so I only have 2 options! Lol
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    haha pink4, i agree. once i hit my 1 yr mark, i'll start applying if i feel comfortable enough. by 2015, all msn programs must be converted to DNP so there won't be a master's crna program by then. i'm in illinois, so i'm fortunate to have 3 schools close enough =)
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    Yay!!!! Its the DNP status nationwide??? I was looking in and didn't see anything about that? Can you point me to an article or something that says exactly who this applies too?? oh I'm soooo excited!!!
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    Never mind I see now.. It states in 2015 the change needs to start, and be in full effect by 2025.. Hmm... Interesting!!!!

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