I have no confidence in myself!

  1. I've always been like this. Anything new just freaks me out and makes me nervous, and makes me do worse than I probably would if I just had a bit of confidence in myself.

    I have a new preceptor this week, and gave me feedback about my performance, and told me I need more confidence,

    I'm not surprised. It's a problem that I have in everything that I do. I basically need someone to hold my hand and build up my confidence until I actually start getting somewhere. But once I gain some confidence, my performance quality increases dramatically. It's been this way with all the past jobs I've done.

    The problem is that since I'm in ICU, I'm so so much more nervous! And I get flustered when I make stupid mistakes, like forgetting to bring a syringe when I need to do an IV push, and then realizing I didn't bring saline flushes. Ah! It makes me feel like an idiot.

    And then my preceptor told me to not show my lack of confidence to my patients, but so far all my patients have loved me. The hospital keeps telling me to manage myself up so that patients aren't anxious, but I've just always been honest my patients and tell them that I'm new and that another nurse is with me to supervise me, and my patients are always happy.

    How confident should I be by now? I see other orientees on the floor once in awhile, and they just seem so calm and together, and I feel like I'm a mess. =/

    This is my 4th week, btw.
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  3. by   AOttinger
    It will come. I was in the same boat. Try role playing at home with a loved one. Make a check-off list before you go into a patient's room of all the things you need. Rely on experienced nurses: they will help you. You made it through nursing school, you passed your boards, and you are NOT stupid.
  4. by   greyL
    Thanks. I just feel so incompetent all the time. And I feel like I just don't get the big picture.

    Gah! I wish she hadn't told me that I lack confidence because all that does is make me less confident lol. I need positive reinforcement too! At least I get positive reinforcement from my patients... =/
  5. by   trew1020
    No offense ...but I am like that at times u don't like change I get flustered. I talk to my doctor turns out its anxiety he put me on meds. An it has helped me focus on my job rather than not being confident and worried about the things I'm doing wrong. You may need to talk to someone good luck
  6. by   trew1020
    I meant I don't like change..typo
  7. by   twinmommy+2
    Also turn around the perceived negative comments about your performance into a positive, now you know what you need to work on and that will come with time and experience. If someone is new to nursing and confident, I would worry about them more.
  8. by   paulinerivas26
    Hi! I know it has been years since you made this post. Im sure by now you are a very confident great ICU nurse. But I need advice on how you got there. Because i totally get what you said about not being confident and not seeing the picture. My managers tell me that Im very timid. They see I know the answer and I know what im doing but im timid. what do i have to do?