Hired into ICU as a new grad, now bring shipped off to ICC... :( - page 4

I worked extremely hard to be top of my class in hopes to be hired into my local hospital' s small ICU. I was not a hospital scholarship student (those took priority in the hiring process) but I did end up getting the only GN... Read More

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    Thank you. You really got the "sentiment" of my post. I will have to look at my contract to tell you exactly what it says.

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    I think you have a great attitude. As wooh said, once the economy turns around nurses will have more power and opportunities. I was a BSN grad in 1978, worked med-surg for one year, then went directly to agency. Soon after I started agency, I was floated by the hospital to the ICU. (Can you imagine such a thing happening in 2012?) I loved it and was motivated. I wanted to go to work each day because I learned so much and the staffing ratios were good, plus it was a teaching hospital. For years I worked at that same hospital, in the ICU, through the agency, Monday through Friday 7-3:30 because, back then, there was a nursing shortage. After that, I was always able to get jobs in ICUs or CCUs because of the experience I'd gained. Those were the golden days of nursing for me. It was before managed care.
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    how to become critical care nurse?

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