Getting families involved in care

  1. On trauma stepdown/burn ICU, I remember a MVC pt, who had a long recovery ahead of her. Her children (16 yrs & 11yr old boys) came to see her for the first time. They were so scared to touch their mother. I am just glad their grandmother was there to encourage them. The pt's head injury likewise caused her to be restrained to the bed because things were going to be ripped out. I wanna say GCS was 12 or 13. I left the room to give them some privacy and went back to try to get them involved in some things I was doing such as fixing her SCD's.

    Do you all put the families to work on the first visit or teach them about the patients feeding tube, IV lines, trach etc even if they don't ask?
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I think the first visit is way too soon to be teaching them anything. Especially 11 year old kids. It's their MOM. They are grieving, scared, and maybe grossed out over how she looks. Is it your expectation they will be caring for her at home? If not, let them be. They have enough to deal with.
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    Let me clarify some things. The 16 year old was the one who helped adjust the SCDS. He actually had a few questions for me. Now that I think of it he may have been closer to 18. The older one asked questions about the different lines. The 11yr or whatever he was did not say much nor did I ask him to do anything. I addressed any questions he asked though.