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I just finished my first year as an rn on a medsurg floor. I hate it of course. The next step for me is ICU I guess, but I really don't want to even go there because I am Scared of it. Did any of you feel this way before going... Read More

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    After being fired from ER, I accepted a job in ICU at the same hospital. I went becuase I needed a job. It is the best thing that ever accidently happened to me. I love it. I have learned so much.

    I did 8 years in the ER and during that time I was horrified of vents, drips and the ICU. Now I love vents, love drips and of course my unit. You never know what magic might happen.

    Of course the most important ingredient in all of this is 1. Your willingness to learn new stuff. 2. The people you end up working with. 3. The amount/time of orientation your facility provides.

    My unit director is all about education. Our orientation is exceptional with 6 months education with hand picked preceptors that hopefully match their new hires. The night crew down to a man/woman is helpful and caring. It doesn't matter that we don't have techs, we help each other.

    The people you end up working with is the most important ingredient, closely followed by the amount of education your dept gives you.
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    The three points gonzo mentioned above, are SPOT ON!

    It took me a while after becoming an RN to realize this, but that is really some true advice! Good luck on your decision.
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    I went to ICU after med surg because I was tired of the same old same old and wanted to learn how to take care of sicker patients. I like it but still find I am racing the clock and facing multiple interruptions. Have you thought about home care? I always thought that it might be a good change of pace one day--- focusing on one patient at a time.
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    I was afraid of the unit as well when I first started, but I was excited and willing to learn as well.

    If you don't want to be an ICU nurse, then I suggest that you don't do it. Why put yourself into another job that you won't like? It takes a certain mindset and passion to be an ICU nurse and you'd just be setting yourself up for failure if you don't want to be a unit nurse.

    Look around at other possibilities, see what interests you and doesn't scare you.

    Best of luck in your decision.
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    Quote from trein
    I just finished my first year as an rn on a medsurg floor. I hate it of course. The next step for me is ICU I guess, but I really don't want to even go there because I am Scared of it. Did any of you feel this way before going into icu and love it now? I feel like it is my only choice... A way out of gaining experience to go into all other things nursing (case mgmt, quality, administrative).
    To be quite honest I'm petrified of MedSurg.
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    I am a new grad (May 2012) and am still looking for work. My dream job would be in the ICU. I did that in my final semester preceptorship and I loved it. Nobody wants new grads in the ICU in the Chicago area. How on earth did you all get in as new grads? I can't even get a med surg job I'm interviewing tomorrow for a skilled nursing facility with vent patients so maybe if I get it that experience will lead me to the ICU someday.
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    I did not get ICU as a new grad. I spent some time doing tele/step-down.

    However, my place does hire new grads into ICU, but probably not more than one at a time. So, it is rare.
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    I suggest you shadow an ICU RN for a shift. See what goes on, what kind of things they do. I did that when I was ainMed-Surg and couldn't wait to make the move. You do a lot more, depending on the unit. The job itself requires a lot more critical thinking and just by the nature of the acuity level, you are afforded more autonomy. Don't get me wrong--my preceptorship was a nightmare and I went home crying almost every night. My first year I was nervous going into single shift. However, five years in and I feel like I can take care of any patient they throw at me.
    Check it out first.

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