Difference between Progressive and Intermediate Care Units

  1. If a hospital has a Progressive Care Unit and an Intermediate care Unit, what would the differences between the two be?

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  3. by   rn-jane
    I work in a 80 bed step down unit with both but we are in the same unit. We have level 1-3 one being basic monitoring. 2 being our intermediate care unit which heart patients recovering from catherizations, chf, chest pain ect. Level 3 is considered progressive which we pull sheaths(pci) from heart caths, fresh carodid endarectomys, nitro gtts, vents and post op open hearts or cardio vascualar procedures at day 2.
  4. by   JJGRN
    I work in an IMC unit, and we have all of our patients on tele & continuous pulse ox monitoring; my understanding of progressive care is that it is telemetry only.
  5. by   pawashrn
    Progressive care(hence, the word Progressive) You are progressing the patient to a better health situation than their present status. (Intermediate care, hence the Intermediate, care provided between progressive and aggressive care(CCU) patient is critical but manageable. How I see it.
  6. by   RNDTBP
    According to the AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses) Telemetry, Step Down, Progressive Care units are basicall the same thing. The original name for the units was telemetry or step down. Progressive Care was developed to indicate a level of care and not just cardiac monitoring. Telemetry is a tool, level of care is the deciding factor. If a patient is sick or injured and does not require ICU, but required more care than a medical floor can provide they need to be in these types of units. Progressive care nurses are critical care nuses practicing outside the walls of the ICU. I hope this explination helps.