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Cost of attending NTI?

  1. 0 I recently transitioned from M/S to CCU at my small rural hospital. It's a great facility that treats its nurses well, but is financially strapped enough that they will not be able to do more than give me a couple of education days for attending NTI next spring.

    I'm trying to figure out if it's financially feasible to cover all the costs myself. Can someone please give me a rough breakdown of costs from recent conventions? Much appreciated.
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    Log onto The hotel list is posted and you can get an idea of the loging cost. I usually budget about $1500 for eac NTI. I use all the discount sites possible. In New Orleans I got the same room as everyone else but paid sig less using You need to start early. Don't forget to budget for things like parking i fyour driving. Leave yourself some money to have fun also.
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    Isnt it in vegas?
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    NTI itself is in Orlando this year. There is a condences version in Vegas. Check out
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    Is this tax deductible?
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    Quote from SouthernLPN2RN
    Is this tax deductible?
    It should be. Should fall under cost for keeping up a license required for your job. Especially if you do the CEs.