Comfortable in ICU

  1. 0 For those who started out brand new to the ICU, how long did it take you to feel comfortable and confident in yourself.
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    a little over a year....
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    I started CVICU straight out of school and I've always stated:

    The first 6 weeks I wanted to quit every day.
    The next 6 months I wanted to quit every week.
    The next 6 years I wanted to quit every month.

    After that I was numb to everything so nothing bothered me anymore. Then after 10 years I just started feeling ENOUGH!

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    I'm 1.5 years in and I can now say I feel much more confident and am really excited when I get my assignment and hear it's a 1:1 train wreck. I think I'm still appropriately cautious and will always be a question-asker, but I can really see a lot of growth in my skills and critical thinking. Finally. It was a really tough first year.
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    At one year I finally stopped feeling like I should cut my coworkers part of my paycheck. At two years I feel very confident in some types of cases and not so confident in others. My stomach still does flip-flops when I am assigned a heart or a complicated neuro pt.
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