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    Hello fellow RN's!

    I will be taking the CCRN in a couple of weeks and every time I think I am ready, I read something else that makes me seem I'm not! I have been doing PASS CCRN questions, watched the Laura G DVDs and have been reviewing/doing Kaplan questions. Has anyone taken it recently (within the past couple of months) that can put me at ease?! I'm sure my nerves are taking the better of me, but any additional advice would be greatly appreciated!


    Nervous Nurse
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    I took mine on 1/18/13 and passed. The prep that you listed is just about what I used. I also had the Cammie Francher podcasts. I utilized my pass ccrn DVD a lot, I took the mock exams to prepare myself.
    Don't worry, I'm sure you will be fine! Keep us posted!

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    Thank LN! I will. So nervous!
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    Hi Nervous!

    I took my exam yesterday. I was SO nervous too. I studied on and off for a little over a year, but got really serious about it 2 weeks ago. I took off of work and basically did nothing else but study. I think I spent a small fortune on prep materials but I'll tell you . . .

    PASS CCRN - Great!! These are tough questions. Actually probably harder than the actual exam. I am weak in Cardiac and Pulm (38% of the test!!!) so I really focused on these. I was nervous about using a book that was done in 2007 to complete a 2013 test but no worries about that. Just know that the %'s are different.

    Laura Gasparis DVDs/Book - The DVDs are great! She is so funny. Her story about being intubated makes me LOL everytime I see it. I watched these DVDs ALL the time. I just got back from a deployment so I had some time while I was there to watch them. Truthfully, I would fall asleep alot. But I took notes while watching them the first time. Then would sit with my notes every time after that. I think that helped alot. The book, meh - I really don't like doing questions out of a book. I find it tedious to flip back and forth, but I knew they were good questions. So I did all the Cardiac ones and the mock test at the back of the book. Just did them 10 questions at a time.

    Med-Ed seminar, Med-preps, and Kaplan - I could do without. I really don't think they helped me for the test. Plus I found alot of errors in the Kaplan book. There are some pretty decent Podcasts out there though. Newnurseblog has some good ones. I listened
    to those in the car on the way to the test.

    Lastly, I bought the AACN book. I did HORRIBLY on those practice questions. I thought for sure I was going to bomb the test because of this. I mean, these are the people that create the test right??? Well, I really don't think that book/CD-ROM is worth it. But it's another bank of questions. So I guess that was good.

    Long story short....You'll do fine. Really study hard and you'll do great. I probably did 450 questions the day before I took the test.
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