Best Experience to get into an ICU

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    I currently have a job offer for both a Surgical-Trauma PCU and the Emergency Department at my local hospital. I am not sure which unit an ICU Nurse Manager would view as "better" experience to have to get into an ICU.

    Please advise!

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    what does SPN stand for? I would think the surgical/trauma PCU if it has telemetry wold be the better bet for ICU. Why the focus on ICU?
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    SPN was the account I created when I was a Student Practical Nurse... since then I have earned my RN. My focus is on ICU with the intent to continue on to Anesthesia school. I worked as an LPN in Anesthesia for a year and loved every minute of it.
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    Hey how about the obvious, Why don't you go ask the ICU manager?????
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    Speaking of obvious, if your intent was to not be even remotely helpful, why even waste time posting a reply?
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    Boo yah, one point for john SPN.
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    I went into ER and then transferred to ICU. A lot of hospitals consider ER to be part of critical care. Also, do some research on which anesthesia schools you think you may apply to. Some of them also accept ER as critical care experience if it's a large ER at a level 1 trauma center.
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    In my organization, progressive nurses go through 90% of the training critical care nurses go through. Although the ED is also considered "critical care," it is a whole 'nother animal. The focus and flow are totally different. Although you may get more experience with acutely decompensating patients in the ED, that is maybe only 10% of what you will see in the ICU. The rest of your time in the ICU is focused on routine.

    Now, as far as what will get you hired in the ICU... if you are a good candidate, I think either will get your foot in the door. Go for the position that you are drawn to. There is tons to learn in either position. The one where you will learn the most is the one where you are completely engaged and loving your job!
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    If didn't work ICU, my "next best" choice would definitely be ER. I love ER and pick up overtime shifts there a few times a month. You still get the challenge of a super sick case or code, with more turnover. That is, unless you're assigned the pelvic exam rooms and get all the std checks and vag bleeds for the whole shift.
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    Quote from Filly
    That is, unless you're assigned the pelvic exam rooms and get all the std checks and vag bleeds for the whole shift.
    Never worked ER here, had no idea. I used to say to myself when having a miserable shift "at least I am not picking trash off the side of the road." That is until I realized that would probably be more enjoyable. This is what I will tell myself from now on. Egads.

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