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Help I hate my job now.. we went 24 hour open, my patients get no rest, we have no control people walking in on procedures in process and they think they own the place.. my husband was in as a... Read More

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    WOW! It amazes me in this day and age hospitals are still doing this! Must be very old fashioned. Do they still make nurses where caps? 24 hours visiting was shown long ago to contribute to longer ICU stays, increased infection rates, and lower patient satisfaction scores. I think it was year 2001 when I first attended a local meeting of the AACN and research finding were presented showing that, and it was by no means new information back then.
    Tell your administrators to ge on board with this great new (not) concept in nursing called "evidenced based practice".
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    Now it is all about Family Center Care...Joint Commission wants family involvement and input now.