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Hi I hae been reading the post about corrections nursing and I noticed people who wanted to work there got hired. I also noticed that there is almost always openings. Is that due to high turn over or... Read More

  1. by   shirl_1
    I notice the hiring is continuous also where I live.. It is such a different world and not at all like the conventional nursing as boundaries with a hug, a hand shake , a high five.....all these are a no no. I am also talking about children in jail.
  2. by   smllattnspn21
    Reasons Ive seen for the high turnover

    1. High Stress Environment
    2. Inmate manipulation is Physically draining
    3. Family concerns over possible danger in the workplace
    4. Pay
    5. Potential for Lawsuits
    6. Potential for loss of License
    7. Burn Out
    8. Autonomy- often times there is no doctor around. You rely on assessment skills and a return phone call. When in doubt send them out.

    These are just a few of the reasons. I myself took a 3 year hiatus to gain experience in other fields. I Physically burned out after 5 years due to the stress of the job.
  3. by   clcook
    Hi bonesrn! I am almost a new grad, living in NC--I will be graduating this May and am maybe interested in working in corrections. Do you still work at Central Prison? If so, I'd love to hear what advice you can share before I inquire about the job! Thank you!