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  1. Hi Everybody!
    I was wondering if anyone on this board is an MTA at Salinas Valley or Vacaville.
    I just applied as an MTA at Salinas.

    I have a ton of questions. Any info provided would be greatly appreciated!!!

    -How long did your background check take?

    -I will be a Psych Tech, if I get the job. If I get an RN license, will I get paid more?

    -Do you like it? Any info would be awesome!

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  3. by   caliotter3
    This does not pertain to this specific position, but I was once applying for work with a state agency where I was qualified for employment under two different described positions. For various reasons, (higher pay as well as greater flexibility in placement), I was encouraged to apply for the position calling for my nursing license. I would go with the position that pays higher. In this case, it is the one where you are also an officer who can tote a weapon, rather than the strict licensed nurse who works in the infirmary and does not tote. As I recall, this is how these positions are listed.
  4. by   Slappy619
    Thanks! I was wondering if I stayed in the officer/nurse position (MTA) and got my RN
    would I get paid significantly more. I'm applying as MTA but I will be working under my Psych Tech license.
    Thanks for answering my post!
  5. by   caliotter3
    I looked into the available positions at Salinas many years ago, as did my friend. I recall the RN positions having great pay. As for the LVN level, it is like I said, better if you go in for the officer training. I called the info number and was told all of this. I think the requirements are more strict for the officer training, the physical fitness test. I don't think the strictly medical person job title required physical fitness testing, but my memory could be off on that. A friend of my daughters' dad works there as an LVN, he rakes in the money. More overtime than you can shake a stick at. At least back then.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Oh, I have seen several ads for placement by an agency. Don't fall for these ads. Work directly for the state, for good pay and a chance at the state retirement system as well as the other good state benefits. The agency that provides workers for Salinas Valley pays at the bottom of the barrel, a big rip off, for the same work.
  7. by   Slappy619
    Thanks for the heads up!
  8. by   bloodlikefire

    i worked next door to cmf in my days as a state lvn. once you are an mta your pay will be the same no matter if you are a lpt, lvn or rn there is no difference. the background check is extensive and depending on your circumstances can take up to six months to be screened. as an mta you are a nurse and a security guard at the same time, (i think you would be a member of the ccpoa). if you can find the ccpoa forum they have extensive information, just google search mta corrections. mta's as safety positions get a 3% retirement a year with a 5 year minimum to get any benefits out of it. mta's currently only work in the dmh as they have more or less been banned in cdcr.

    all of this information is 3 years old so you may want to do your own research
  9. by   Slappy619
    Thanks for the info! This will help me bunches!
  10. by   nursejdac
    I was in background investigations for about 1-2 months until I received my background clearance today in the mail, I read in the forums it usually takes that amount of time to pass or it could be less. I sent in my first application for the position for MTA/lvn around FEB so the selection process has been awhile =/ I heard the salary wages in the MTA/CO employment packet is outdated and is actually higher now but nothing can ever be for sure. Right now im just waiting for that phone call as I "just" completed all steps of the selection process (phew) and its just the waiting game for the academy date/appointment process!

    So thats just my experience as you will be on your road to being an MTA too as I am still on as well

  11. by   Slappy619
    Awesome! I hope you get it! Hopefully I will be your co-worker in a few months! Thanks for the info.
  12. by   nursejdac
    update! i finally got a call from CDCR informing me that the "hiring freeze exempt" has passed for me and that I have a start date to work on NOV 14 at salinas!! =D finally after almost a whole year of waiting! lol hows your selection process going so far slappy619?
  13. by   Slappy619
    Congrats!!!! I am glad you got it!!
    I'm still undergoing the background. I hit a snag but hopefully it will be sorted out. I don't think I will come onboard until early next year. I'm still in school (psych tech) and I can't start work until I am licensed.
    Let me know how it goes!! Hopefully, I will catch up with you. My name is Pete. I'd send you my email but
    I think they block it?
    Take Care!
  14. by   nursejdac
    hey Pete,

    So far so good here in Salinas DMH. I just want to say how easy this job is compared to working in a LTC or convalescent hospital! 8 hour shift and all your really working is 1-2 hours.. its just spread apart haha. You dont have to deal with families, mostly escorting, the med techs do most of the med passes, its a safe and secured place even if they are inmates, we follow safety to the TEEE! lol but this is the end of my second week here. get in soon man! lol