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I get really tired of feeling sorry for a new time server, who claims to have degenerative disc disease, and a torn ligament or whatever, send me on a wild goose chase for records to clarify DX. I had this guy come in with a... Read More

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    Why are nurses held to the higher standard? we are human too. However there is still the question of men vs. women. The good ole boys network. I am a man and wish I could find a connection with the network.

    Quote from barefootlady
    RE: NC doctor with drug convictions still has license. Well this sounds par for the course. Nurses are held to a higher standard, often an impossible one, but doctors are there to protect one another. No surprise here. I just hope daughter who lives down there never ends up seeing this doctor. :angryfire

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    I totally agree! The dr. caught selling the cocaine should lose his license PERMANENTLY! I mean it is one thing for him to be addicted himself, that's bad enough, but then to sell it to others and ruin their lives as well...what about the Hippocratic oath??? Nurses are subjected to losing their license when convicted of a crime...why not doctors??? :angryfire :angryfire
    Utterly RIDICULOUS!!!!

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