Officer Appreciation Day?

  1. 0 I am new to corrections, and have been the Health Administrator for 4 months at a county jail. The chief jailer has told me that each year the medical staff has a Jailer Appreciation Day. I am the only nurse working here, so I would like any ideas or input that anyone might have! Thanks!
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    Sounds like your getting leg pulled...but what do I know. One nurse puts on an appreciation day for how many officers?
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    Tell the chief jailer you will have Jailer Appreciation Day AFTER Nurse Appreciation Day.
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    It's a small county jail. About 10-12 officers. I am not looking forward to doing it, and don't see why it is medical's responsibility, but apparently the nurse has always held the appreciation day.
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    First, I would find out from someone what the budget was previously, and go from there. That way you will know how much you can spend and how big of a deal it really is. (Budget can tell you a LOT!) Sounds like it can be a good place to build some relationships with the jailers and encourage teamwork. It is much more difficult for someone to be a horse's a** to someone they know, than to someone who is just "the nurse".

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