Interview today, short and sweet. Good or Bad sign?

  1. I had an interview today with the Department of Corrections. It was very straight to the point, no icebreakers just 10 straight nursing knowledge/interview questions. I've never had an interview that didn't ever ask about my experience, it was in my application but no comments on it. They asked their 10 questions and then asked if I had any questions, so I asked about 3 and then it was what shifts do you prefer and we will let you know something in 2 weeks. I can't tell how it went I had 3 nurse supervisor interviewers and one was very serious with little emotion but there was one that smiled and seemed to be the "nurturing" one. Anyone have any ideas or any notes to compare from their interview????
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  3. by   nursejudy15209
    Here's my 2 cents :two cents:
    I sort of remember my first interview with our DON and the actual interview was not very long. Maybe at that time there were not enough interested nurses to fill the opening for a med nurse and I was the only candidate interested in the job. With that being said, it's entirely possible that you are in a similar situation. The vacancy needs filled quickly and therefore the interview process is formal but short.

    Anyway, I did like the fact that I was given a quick mini tour around the different areas for the medical staff. I recall visiting the infimary, the dentist area, the pharmacy, and the "clinic" area. These are considered restricted areas and the inmates must pass through a metal detector before enering the clinic or infirmary area. So, as a "guest" you are there simply because the medical part of the institution has a vacancy that they are obligated to fill.

    I should probably mention that security is of the utmost concern. When you interview in a correctional facility - the point is to get in and get out. You are a "visitor" that doesn't really have "visiting" privilidges yet. You are interviewing and I think they "condense" the whole interview process so that you (as a "non certified" guest in the facility) will not be there too long. I'm not sure of this but perhaps it is possible that the "warden" or person in charge of the facility doles a certain amount of minutes they will accept for the interview process. If you are hired, then and only then will someone from the medical staff guide you through the orientation process.

    In our particular facility, one cannot be given a "swipe" card that gives access to the building UNTIL they have gone through security training.

    I hope I have explained the whole "security" thing and it eases your mind. You can't compare this type of interview to others because they simply are not the same. I wish you luck and perhaps you can post the outcome of this particular job search. I am curious to see if anybody else posts ideas about your interview and how interviews are handled at their particular correctional facility. Good luck!!!
  4. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Yes, I would agree with nursejudy. Just because it was short and to the point, isn't necessarily bad. And may actually be good for you.
    There are a lot of other factors to consider as well, like if you were their 4th interview of the day maybe they were just a little tired, or maybe that's just the way they do interviews there. Maybe this is their first round of interviews and the second one may be a little more in depth. Or anything else.
    So chin up, and let us know when you hear from them!
  5. by   GoECU
    I got an offer today! Thanks for the replies.
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    I am from PA near you could you tell me a little more about corrections and perhaps what facility you work with not specific if that concerns you thanks gabby 0226
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    Congrats on job offer GoECU